Agency: Bates Dorland Author: Not credited

Building on Solid Foundations
Creative Planning on the Halifax People Campaign

In 1991, we discovered a major change in the way consumers were buying financial services which led us to completely reassess the Halifax's advertising strategy.

In short, people weren't buying products, but rather institutions.

The Halifax is the biggest building society, but size had always been adopted as a position, rather than used as a positioning.

With our emphasis now on the provider rather than the products, this paper demonstrates how planning turned the potential negative of size for a service brand into a market-beating positive.

Financial services advertising was heading towards confusion

From the deregulation of the financial services industry in 1986, a sudden crossover between banks and building societies emerged. Suddenly, the 'Big Four' banks were marketing mortgages whilst the race was on for the first building society to dominate in banking services.