Best Buy – Twelpforce

Crispin Porter + Bogusky


Best Buy’s legendary expertise available anytime. Anywhere. To anyone. For free. That was the simple and powerful idea behind the launch of The Twelpforce, the online army of knowledgeable and passionate Best Buy employees, standing ready on Twitter.

Tapping into Best Buy’s greatest asset – its employees – has always required a physical trip to the store. Today’s world doesn’t operate on normal business hours. People live in an always-on, digitally connected world. They depend on their electronics and they require instant access to information and support.

We leveraged the rapidly expanding, micro-blogging service, Twitter, to create a platform for customers to interact directly with Best Buy Blueshirts and Geek Squad Geeks. The Twelpforce has helped thousands of people and positioned Best Buy as a leader that’s redefining customer service for the 21st century.