Exploring the Use of Mobile Phone Technology in Marketing Airline Services in Egypt

Hossam Samy


This paper is exploratory research that highlights the use of mobile phone technology in airline marketing in Egypt. Airlines are currently investing in the field of mobile commerce as a way to exploit the opportunities offered by this new wave technology. Mobile marketing is expected to be a key player in airline operations in the next five years. The spreading use of m-commerce in air travel will vary between markets according to aspects related to consumer behavior and attitude. This paper highlights the opportunities offered by mobile phone technology in the airline industry and derives its most significant implications in achieving airline marketing goals. EgyptAir customers were taken as a research sample for this paper with an aim to explore their attitude toward the use of mobile phones in their air travel experience. The primary findings confirm that airline mobile services in Egypt are more information oriented rather than process oriented. The research also identifies the most significant airline mobile service features.