Career overall average relative response time of online panellists

Andrea Vocino and Michael J. Polonsky

Deakin University


Researchers have investigated a range of issues associated with online surveys, which include examining different online survey formats (Peytchev et al. 2006), different forms of invitations (Heerwegh et al. 2005) and the role of participation incentives (Göritz 2004), among others. However, rather than looking at ongoing behaviour associated with participation in an online research panel, where one individual participates in multiple unrelated projects (Callegaro & DiSogra 2008), these investigations have tended to focus on respondents’ behaviour in regard to a specific survey. Ensuring panellists continue to participate thoughtfully in surveys is important (Callegaro & DiSogra 2008), especially as the use of voluntary opt-in panels managed by independent panel organisations is increasing (Göritz 2004; Baker et al. 2010).