Key trends in programmatic: Insights from Ad Revenue Europe

David Tiltman

Programmatic buying – the automated buying and selling of online display ads – has become one of 2013's hottest topics in marketing. It covers topics such as real-time bidding, retargeting, and targeted email. Although North America still leads the world in terms of investment in programmatic, growth is expected in all regions.

With that in mind, US tech company PubMatic, which works with publishers to sell their inventory, brought its Ad Revenue conference to London. The event provided an opportunity to discuss the major issues in programmatic for brands, agencies, publishers and tech platforms.

The key issues included:

  • The growing use of programmatic solutions to sell premium inventory;
  • The fast-changing relationship between brands, agencies, and tech platforms;
  • The need for better data planning to enable smarter digital strategies;
  • The limitations of programmatic as a sales tool for publishers.

The state of the industry