National Grid: Open Up To Social Media

WPA Pinfold

Client: National Grid
Category: Internal Communications

"The skill we value most in the people at WPA Pinfold is their ability to demonstrate that they understand our business, our culture and our employee base. This has made the creative process a much simpler one for all, because we are all starting from the same point and can talk the same language."
Geraldine Mapp, National Grid - Corporate Functions Senior Business Partner, Employee Comms & Media Relations, Corporate Affairs

Executive summary

National Grid has approximately 27,000 employees, 64% of whom are based in the US and 36% in the UK. Around 15,000 employees are office-based and have access to internet and email facilities. Opening up social media to all employees attracted massive levels of nervousness, particularly from their HR and legal teams, who were concerned about the level of potential negative online behaviour that may ensue and the potential breaches to policy which could be detrimental to the brand reputation.