Adstats: Cosmetics and toiletries

Cosmetics and toiletries was the largest segment of FMCG adspend in the first half of 2012, reaching US$23.5 billion, or 35.9% of the FMCG total, over the six-month period. Skincare (26.6% of total adspend for the segment) and hair care (23.5%) were the two largest sub-categories. Over the six months, cosmetics and toiletries' annual adspend growth was slightly lower than the global average: 2.4%, versus 2.7%. But the figures also suggest that the category is realigning towards digital communications at a relatively rapid rate: internet adspend was up by 38.3% year on year in the first half of 2012, while the all-category rise was just 7.2%.

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