Children are Important Consumers. A Case Study From a Developing Country, Turkey.

Yunus Erduran
ACNielsen ZET


Limited research has been conducted on the effect of children on the decisionmaking process of households in Turkey to date. The main reason for this is the traditional belief among marketers that children have little effect on household consumption, with all decisionmaking done by adults because of their purchasing power. This point of view estimates that children have little influence upon the final purchasing decision for a commodity and other decisions like how much to spend and where to make the purchase (quoted from Foxman, Tansuhaj, and Ekstrom, Mangleburg, Talpade in Beatty and Talpade, 1994).

Additionally, there are still concerns about childrens statements, meaning that they have a tendency to overrate their influence on the decisionmaking process of the household as compared to parents ratings about children's influence on the same issue (Gunter and Furnham, 1993). For this reason, most research data in this area have been collected via adults/families in order to have healthier results about the subject.