Luxury brand marketing: The art of luxury

Paul Simonet and Carlos Virgile

Art culture can teach luxury brands how to sustain the essence of exclusivity and aspiration while enabling popular accessibility.

To paraphrase Walter Pater, the renowned Victorian essayist and critic, who famously remarked 'all art constantly aspires to the condition of music', it could be said that 'all true luxury aspires constantly to the condition of art' … and when it doesn't, it runs the risk of no longer being luxury at all.

Where luxury tends, by definition, to be elitist and aims to attract just a few, art's intention is to be much more all-encompassing and altruistic. When luxury tends to be associated with commercialism, art tries to distance itself – at least in theory. However, both concepts deal strongly with the communication of messages and emotions, even if their ultimate goals differ in their generosity of spirit.