THINK! 2000–2008: how one word helped save a thousand lives

Nick Docherty and Rebecca Harris – Leo Burnett; Will Hodge and Jane Dorsett – AMV BBDO


From a complex brief spanning multiple products and numerous stakeholders, the THINK! approach has delivered simplicity, cohesion and results. Road Safety has long been a government priority, with communications, legislation and product development helping to drive a 50% decline in deaths on Britain's roads since the 1960s. However, ambitious ten year casualty reduction targets meant that a fresh approach was required. Designed to act as a powerful unifying identity for the entire road safety effort, the THINK! brand prompted reappraisal of poor road safety behaviour by getting people to take responsibility for the consequences of their actions using issue-driven communications. The result was casualty reduction targets achieved two years ahead of schedule. THINK!'s contribution was to prevent over 3,000 deaths and serious injuries during this period, representing a saving to society of over £800m and generating payback of £9.36 for every £1 spent on the campaign.