Perceptions of interactivity and consumer control in marketing communication: an exploratory survey of marketing Communication Professionals

William N. Swain
University of Louisiana at Lafayette


Interactivity in modern marketing communication media poses challenges for practitioners in fields related to marketing communication, and the volume of research on the Internet reflects the fact that the World Wide Web is still in its formative stages, in terms of its effectiveness as a marketing medium. Published research examples report studies and models of web site effectiveness (Yoon and Kim 2001), web advertising effectiveness (Brackett and Carr 2001; Gallagher, Foster, and Parsons 2001; Shamdasani, Stanaland, and Tan 2001), web site loyalty (Holland and Baker 2001; Schultz and Bailey 2000), analysis of the marketing process (Cho, Lee, and Tharp 2001; Coviello, Milley, and Marcolin 2001; Dahlen 2001; Gatarski 2002; Stewart and Zhao 2000; Yoon and Kim 2001), and the importance of dialogue as a basis for consumer-brand relationships (Coviello, Milley, and Marcolin 2001; Kent and Taylor 1998).