Centre for Enabled Living: Let's Talk Ability

Robin Nayak and Natalie Gruis

Campaign details

Brand owner: Centre for Enabled Living
Agency: TBWA\ Singapore, MEC, TPR Singapore, Convertium Pte
Brand: Centre for Enabled Living
Country: Singapore
Channels used: Internet – general, Newspapers, Public relations, Television
Media budget: 500k – 1 million

Executive summary

Every year, more Singaporeans were being born and diagnosed with special needs, and more Singaporeans were reaching old age and becoming frail seniors. This is how, in 2008, the Centre for Enabled Living (CEL) was established to connect those Singaporeans to state-funded services and grants, in order to drive a substantial uptake of services.

In 2012, the CEL needed to drive awareness and more contact with Singaporeans with disabilities. The problem? Able and disabled people both hated to think about disability, while social norms dictated that the able should help and the disabled should accept help.