The O2: a new blueprint for sponsorship

Principal Author: Andrew Perkins – VCCP
Contributing Authors: Nick Milne – VCCP; Louise Cook – Holmes & Cook; Paul Feldwick


This paper lives up to its title and is a deserved winner of the Best Media prize. It is also a must read for anyone involved in sponsorship or may ever consider its use as a communications channel. O2 has taken the former Millennium Dome from a national joke to a national treasure, and made it the most popular music venue in the world. But what really sets the O2 apart is that it sets a new blueprint for effective, measurable sponsorship. By following four principles of success – putting customers first, being integral to the business, breathing rather than badging, and demonstrating accountability – the sponsorship has achieved greater, and more demonstrable effectiveness for the business. Based on projected incremental new customers over the expected lifetime of the communications, the ultimate contribution to profit will be £639m, giving an ROMI of 14.5:1.