Brand meaning: In search of brand magic

Barbra Wright
Dragon Rouge

The visual identity of a brand is the vehicle to communicate something meaningful, expressing the brand idea and bringing life to it. And the most important role of the brand is to make us feel better.

To begin, let's get the semantics out of the way – while for some, a brand's identity may mean its logo, in this narrative I'll be thinking about a brand's visual identity as everything a brand communicates through the medium of design. This does, of course, include, and is possibly anchored by, its logo but also extends through a palette of elements that will encompass type, colour, graphic elements, imagery and language. It is the curation of these elements against a given brief that gives rise to a distinct and differentiated identity which embodies the brand idea, bringing its character to life and allowing it to enter into dialogue with its audience. This dialogue makes a brand meaningful for its patron, communicating truths, meeting needs and desires and promising a shift in experience towards a better state of being.