Speed Read - Winning the Story Wars: Why those who tell - and live - the best stories will rule the future

Jonah Sachs, Harvard Business Review Press (2012) (view on Amazon)

Marketing to the Aging ConsumerIntroduction

Storytelling is a basic human form of communication. Throughout history, people have used stories to teach, establish social norms, entertain, and help them to understand their purpose and role in life. In the ancient oral tradition, religious and political leaders told stories that were then shared and retold by ordinary people. This changed with the development of broadcast media in the 20th century as TV and the press became the dominant social voices. At the same time, marketing became ubiquitous, with corporations trumpeting their messages via broadcast media. However, in the 21st century, the explosion of social media created what author Jonah Sachs, co-founder and CEO of Free Range Studios, calls the "digitoral" age – where people are empowered to share and comment on the media. It is no longer enough for brands to be heard; in order to succeed, they must tell stories that speak to universal concerns and that will generate conversation, engagement and loyalty.

Central argument