Media Outlook 2000
Consumer Magazines

Dom Rossi
Reader’s Digest

Venture capitalists, fueling the so-called new media boom, pin a Web site’s viability as an enterprise on stickiness – how frequently consumers visit and how long they stay. In the years ahead, involvement, my term for stickiness, will determine the usefulness of media, form the dividing line between competing outlets, and vault certain kinds of magazines to top-priority partners for today’s increasingly impatient brand builders.

Consumers are flexing buying muscle to unprecedented degrees, using Internet- services to bid down prices while consolidating suppliers. They’ll continue to deflect brand-centric promotional barrages and instead will flock to those few products, services, and media that consistently understand and meet their physical and emotional needs. Waves of recent research confirm this great irony of choice: the more options we have, the more we rely on a few brands we trust.