Ford Customer Service Division: Owner Advantage Communication (OAC) Welcome Package

Ogilvy Team Detroit


Category: Automotive
Country where program ran: USA
Date program started/ended: Launched July 2007. Fulfillment is ongoing/daily.

Product Description: The Owner Advantage Welcome Package is a Ford Motor Company direct mail program designed to thank owners for their new vehicle purchase, drive owner site registration, reinforce the ownership benefits that Ford (and dealers) have to offer, and initiate a long-term loyal relationship between owners and Ford Motor Company brands.

Advertiser/Client Name: Ford Customer Service Division
Media Channels: Direct Mail


Marketplace Challenge:

Over recent years, Ford Motor Company has been experiencing significant declines in its new vehicle sales and market share. The worsening economic conditions have negatively affected all vehicle brands recently, but as a 'domestic' brand Ford has been suffering more as a consequence of vehicle buyers' increasing preference for so-called 'import' brands - particularly Toyota and Honda. In the light of this marketplace context, the overall strategy for Ford Motor Company is to stabilize its market share and then pursue steady sales regrowth, helped especially by the introduction of a range of highly desirable new cars in 2009 and 2010. Stabilizing market share will be first achieved by preventing any further 'defection' of current Ford, Lincoln and Mercury owners to competitor vehicle brands. To achieve this, Ford made the decision to invest heavily in a comprehensive 'Owner Communications' program, designed to drive owner loyalty through a dramatically increased focus on building long-term customer relationships throughout their ownership experience. Buying a new vehicle is a significant - not to mention financial - investment, so Ford wanted to reinforce to its owners not only the enjoyment and value of owning a Ford, Lincoln or Mercury, but also how highly they value and appreciate owners as customers. In order to grow customer loyalty, the first stage of 'Owner Communication' is set up by the Welcome Package, which is sent to every new vehicle buyer right after purchase. It's designed to say 'thank you, we value you as a customer' and to welcome them to their vehicle ownership and to the Ford Motor Company family.