Cadbury Dairy Milk – The joy of content: how a new communications model is paying back for Cadbury

Principal Authors: Tom Goodwin and Rachel Barrie – Fallon London; Lucy Evans and Margaret Jobling – Cadbury UK

Contributing Authors: Karl Weaver and David Hartley - Data2Decisions


Everyone who has admired the genius of the Cadbury ‘Gorilla’ (or was just perplexed by its success) will want to read this paper in order to understand the wider strategy and the genuine business benefit created by this fresh approach to Cadbury's communications. By 2007 Cadbury Dairy Milk (CDM) was running out of steam; facing flatlining sales, losing relevance to younger generations and was trapped in an advertising model that felt tired. Glass and a Half Full Productions, a content-led campaign including ‘Gorilla', ‘Eyebrows’ and ‘Trucks’ helped to move Cadbury from being a manufacturer of chocolate to a producer of joy. It also created a debate around whether creating ‘joyful’ content rather than ‘persuasive’ advertising featuring chocolate actually works or not. This paper reveals the full story including a master brand payback 171% greater than previous campaigns, with ‘Gorilla’ alone delivering an ROI of £4.88 for every £1 spent.