James Ready Beer


Business Results Period (Consecutive Months): April 2008 – July 2008
Start of Advertising/Communication Effort: April 2008
Base Period for Comparison: April 2007 – March 2008

a) Synopsis of the Case

James Ready is a premium beer in the discount beer segment. If it wanted to, James Ready Brewing Company could charge $2 a beer like other premium brands. But James Ready thinks that Ontario drinkers deserve a quality beer for a low price. Period. To make that happen, James Ready continues to do everything it can to help keep its beer affordable.

The discount beer segment represents nearly 40% of beer sales in Ontario. This category was essentially created by Lakeport with its dollar-a-beer concept. Where there's sales volume potential, there's always a brawl waiting to break loose. By the start of 2007, 34 discount beer brands in Ontario found themselves fighting case-by-case and shelf-to-shelf for every possible share point. It wasn't pretty.