Point of view: Introverted social strategy

Molly Flatt

My name is Molly, and I am an introvert.

Few of my colleagues would believe it. My job, as Social Business Director at a leading social communications agency, demands some of the most 'extroverted' activities you can imagine. Speaking at international conferences, running client training programmes, internal evangelism… these are activities that demand constant sociability and public gregariousness. And I absolutely love them.

But those who know me well also know that I regularly retreat into 'Molly zone', craving time alone to think and work. I will book out meeting rooms to escape open-plan intrusion. After a long day of interaction, I am likely to run away and spend time with a book rather than join others for beers.

How does this square with the 'always on' social approach that I encourage businesses to adopt? In a world where collaborating and sharing have become moral dictates, how do those of us who get our energy from within not only survive, but thrive?