Hornbach: Every change needs a beginning

Heimat Berlin

Advertiser: Hornbach
Brand: Hornbach
Country: Germany


Even in the most saturated markets, there's potential for growth. You just have to know where to find it.

HORNBACH is a well established brand in the competitive German DIY market. What makes this brand successful is a unique approach: The "Project". "Project" is not just another term for Do it yourself. It is far more. The German people know: real home-improvement is a project. Go to HORNBACH, if you have one of those jobs to do. But if all you need are a couple of nails, go to the competition.

This positioning has been communicated successfully in several creative campaigns over the past decade.

But 2012 HORNBACH reached a point of truth. The communication of the competitors became even more aggressive. Just another campaign wouldn't do the trick in 2012.