Media fragmentation. Ignore new media opportunities like video at your peril

Elaine Safier
Caroline Stott
Media Vision Research Limited, United Kingdom


With a proliferation of new channels offering more viewing choice every day, television advertisers are finding it increasingly difficult to reach their target markets by relying solely on traditional media. This paper will illustrate the impact this greater level of choice has had on television viewing habits and shed some light on a substantial, but often overlooked viewing alternative - pre-recorded videos. Based on a new technology which measures video viewing on the BARB TV audience measurement panel, findings to date will show that video audiences are not only significant when compared with terrestrial and satellite television, but that they are of particular interest to advertisers keen to reach younger, more upmarket, light television viewers. Through the use of a specific case study, the paper will show how video audience data can be used to plan an effective video schedule and highlight the contribution video adds to a multi-media campaign. The findings will demonstrate why advertisers cannot afford to ignore opportunities presented by new advertising media such as pre-recorded video.

Growth in New Television Channels in the UK