How Estée Lauder enhances the "human brand"

Stephen Whiteside

Applying make-up and watching a commercial for Coca-Cola may seem to be activities with little in common – but both, in fact, reflect an attempt to build brands that are superior to any competitor.

Daniel Yarosh, svp/basic science at Estée Lauder, told delegates at the 2014 Neuromarketing World Forum – an event held in New York by the Neuromarketing Science and Business Association – that an essential need of the "human brand", for female shoppers at least, is fulfilled by wearing make-up that draws attention to specific facial characteristics.

"I consider these body and facial features, driven by oestrogen, to be marks of the human brand for women in the same way the shape and logo on a bottle of Coca-Cola define its brand. The purpose of Estée Lauder products, as you can imagine, is to perfect the human brand," he said.