McFit GmbH: McFit vs. FC Bayern Munich

With over 100 locations and 800,000 members, McFit is one of the top 5 fitness studio chains in the world.

Nevertheless, McFit was often disregarded by the competition – especially in Germany and Austria – due to its discount concept.

McFit succeeded in garnering the largest number of members in the German/Austrian market with an affordable € 16.90 monthly rate. But in the area of revenue, McFit still fell short of the German/Austrian market leader Fitness First, which also happens to be the world's leading fitness studio chain.

The communications solution: A charity game between the McFit Allstars and FC Bayern Munich made history in Germany and Austria as national media events. And that meant lots of new members for McFit.


Business Objectives

  • Boost the number of McFit members (2009 vs. 2008)

Communication Objectives