The Global Wine Market

The global wine business is booming. Sales in many countries have risen considerably over the past five years and experts forecast that this trend will continue. But where are the most avid wine consumers and what are they like? Using the results of the latest global TGI surveys, we investigate...


As might be expected, the French emerge as the top wine consumers of the world; nearly 70% of them drink it and of these, 80% have had at least a bottle in the last month. They are also more likely to be connoisseurs – 68% of French wine drinkers are prepared to pay more for a quality bottle (compared to just 44% of Germans and Bulgarians). Other grape growing regions such as Israel, Croatia and New Zealand have similarly high rates of wine consumption.


Interestingly though, Brits also come out very high in the wine drinking stakes; over two thirds of them drink the stuff. Australian wine is the most common preference of British consumers; over half choose wine produced down under (compared to 40 and 29% who select bottles from France and South Africa). Britain and New Zealand were the only markets studied in which white emerged as the most popular type of wine (particularly among women) – it is chosen by 17% more British wine drinkers than red.