Novartis: Tissue Overload

The challenge for Otrivin was how to launch a true innovation in a category that is so dormant that people have stopped paying attention because they don't expect there's anything new going on.

This is a story of a forgotten category: there has been no innovation offered in the past 10 years for nasal congestion based on the common cold. All nasal sprays do and communicate the same: they unblock your nose so you can breathe better. Many people think that all the nasal sprays are the same; they unblock your nose and that is it.

Novartis Consumer Health exceeded its objectives in launching Otrivin Complete in Europe, during the severe economic crisis. The overall rise in market share has been 50% over target and each market has exceeded target, while showing a very healthy growth rate.


  • Increase value share for the total Otrivin brand by 2 points (by successfully launching new Otrivin Complete while minimalizing cannibalization on the Otrivin base SKU)