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Come a casa is a ready-made meals brand. The product range consists of Mediterranean meals such as lasagne and pasta.

Ready-made meals are still perceived as convenience and low-involvement products. The market for ready-made meals is a functional market with hardly any brand experience or product innovation. Hence, the market is dominated by private labels.

Come a casa justifies the price difference between Come a casa and private labels with innovation: new packaging, new tastes, new products.

The whole grain innovation is one of the biggest innovations the brand launched in the last years.

The brief: launch the new 100% whole grain lasagne of Come a casa.

National context of the campaign

No particular national characteristics or celebrities were used.


Pre-launch the whole-grain lasagne:

  1. Generate trial: let consumers taste the new lasagne (the whole grain lasagne have a different structure and taste than the regular lasagne)
  2. Create a buzz around the new product: create an experience that has conversation value