Tip Top: Feel Tip Top

Colenso BBDO/Proximity New Zealand

Entry Information

Country where program ran: New Zealand
Program start date: 10/15/12
Program end date: 03/25/13
Advertiser/Client Name: Fonterra Brands (Ltd) Tip Top
Product/Service Description: Tip Top is New Zealand's No 1 ice cream brand, with more than 125 product SKUs ranging from tub and scoop flavours to delicious novelty ice creams. Tip Top is sold in almost every grocery retailer, as well as convenience and route channels throughout New Zealand.
Category: Consumer Products (CP)


Business problem

Tip Top is the only local brand anywhere in the world to outsell Streets, but maintaining this market leadership position is no easy task. Up against brands with global clout and significantly bigger marketing spends, our position is constantly being threatened. Further to this competitive threat, the Tip Top brand is 75 years old, which is both an advantage and a challenge. Nostalgically admired, this heritage does nothing to endear us to a younger audience. Our modernity scores were flailing, and we were finding it more and more difficult to connect in a relevant and engaging way. Stuck with a foot in the past and an eye on the future, refreshing the Tip Top brand was going to require a new positioning and a rather special campaign to bring it to life. Re-positioning a 75 year old brand is a huge task, but it didn't stop there. We were also tasked with launching a new flavour variant plus two new sub brands as part of the overall campaign. And of course, we needed to do it all on a very tight budget.