Spanish Television = ROI For Advertisers

Among Spanish-speaking Hispanics, the viewing environment differs dramatically

Ceril Shagrin

By now everyone has heard the Hispanic growth story. The official population estimates indicate that the Hispanic community is the nation's largest minority. While the Hispanic population grew 58 percent between 1990 and 2000, the number of Hispanics who speak Spanish at home grew 61 percent. Never before has there been so large a number of Americans who speak a single second language. And the Spanish-speaking population in the United States will continue to grow, supported by high levels of immigration, increased pride in the language and culture, and easy access to Spanish-language media.

The Hispanic share of the total U.S. workforce reached an all-time high in 2002. Hispanic home ownership rate, and new vehicle sales, both reached all-time highs in 2002. (See Figure 1.)