OgilvyOne Viewpoint #11 - 5 Top tips for the future

Patou Nuytemans

Still coming to grips with the new marketing landscape? Here's how to successfully engage the 21st-century consumer.

CONSIDER THESE FACTS: 100 million songs now get downloaded from iTunes every month. Less than four years after its launch, Skype is responsible for more than seven percent of the world's long distance minutes. With a blog now created every half second, millions of blogs will have been added to the blogosphere by the time this article gets published. Social network sites MySpace, Piczo and Bebo now welcome more than four million members every month in the U.K. - a 400 percent increase in only one year. Five thousand Europeans join business community LinkedIn every day. Half of American teens have created content for the Net, from text to pictures, music and clips. Even before the recent launch of Hulu.com, giving free adsupported access to 250 TV series and 100 full-feature movies, ten billion videos were downloaded from the internet in the U.S. every month, with new web and IPTV solutions created by broadcasters, content producers and even amateurs mushrooming. As a result, more consumers will soon discover that their video, audio and written content options are increasing rapidly, with the internet providing an ever-greater variety of leisure and social activities at their fingertips.