Higgidy – The uncommon pie

Branded Food & Drink


Driven by a passion for good food Camilla Footit left her job in 2003 as Head of Food for Starbucks and started producing gorgeous handmade pies. Word spread and soon she was supplying bigger players such as EAT cafés and Booths. All sales were own label however, no-one knew they were eating a Higgidy pie.

Realising that the pies they were making were snowballing in popularity and earning a glowing reputation for the cafés and restaurants that stocked them, they began to dream of selling them under their own Higgidy brand. The Higgidy team were recommended Ziggurat Brands and we were ultimately briefed to create a brand identity and packaging for Higgidy Pies.

The brand essence we developed of 'The Uncommon Pie' was a play on words that reflected the brand truth, that no-one was making pies of this quality. The story of how Camilla's passion had started the business and how her husband James, an architect, had given up his tree-house building business to join Camilla became the basis for the identity. Camilla's suggestion that her personality could be summed up as being 'pink, passionate and posh' was the icing on the cake.