Johnson's Baby: Babylag test


The team

Jo Jenkins, Rick Blackburn, Ruth Boulter, Jonny Miles-Prouten, Ben Stuart, Lara Wood, Matt King, Larry Dyer, Joanna Pritchard.

Other contributor:

Red PR – PR activity to drive consumer to the site.

How did the campaign make a difference?

Johnson's Baby Bedtime range was under threat, so this campaign showed Johnson's truly understood the impact of sleepless nights. Profound insights inspired truly engaging creativity that resonated across multiple touchpoints. Over 70,000 parents took the online test and it helped reverse a decline in Johnson's Baby Bedtime sales, creating a 5% sales growth.

What details of the strategy make this a winning entry?

Johnson's Baby Bedtime range is clinically proven to help babies sleep through the night. But cheaper competitor products, such as Cussons' Sleep Tight and Tesco's Baby & Toddler Bedtime range were cutting in. This campaign had to re-engage parents and make the products relevant to modern mums. Rigorous qualitative research, including co-creation workshops, explored the loneliness of those early hours of the morning when the baby won't settle... anxiety about sleep deprivation... battling with yawns all day and the sense of being hopelessly jaded: 77% of new parents were severely sleep deprived. Other brands spoke of the efficacy of their solution for the baby; this campaign showed how Johnson's understood the problem for the parent, with a completely new term: Babylag. This disruptive idea cut through the sea of 'mum and baby' messaging and spoke in a language they instantly understood, introducing parents to the Johnson's three-step bedtime routine and helping everyone sleep a little easier.

How did creativity bring the strategy to life?