New Day, New Office – Launch of Microsoft Office 2007


How do you convince highly satisfied product users that they need a new version of the product that promises to be even better? The answer lies in words spoken over 2,400 years ago:

I forget what I hear, I remember what I see, I learn what I do!
Confucius, Chinese philosopher

Unexpectedly, this insight was revealed in exploratory communication development research for the Microsoft Office 2007 product launch. This research revealed that product descriptions tended to heighten anxiety about having to learn a new version and screenshots were ineffective motivators of excitement and interest about the new product. However, users became visibly excited after seeing the product in action. Without experiential communication, they were apathetic about needing Microsoft Office 2007 and tended to be skeptical that it was really a redesign – not another incremental update. Based on this insight, a campaign with experiences at its core was born.