Planning 3.0, the realisation of Planning 2.0

Sarah Booth

It is 1.30pm on Sunday 19th February. I wasn't going to enter an essay. To be honest, I wasn't convinced I really had an idea worth entering. To be really, really honest, I had kind of forgotten about the deadline, I might have a tiny bit of a hangover and I had planned to disengage my brain from all academic thought for the entire day.

But then I saw a tweet from my boss. She announced that tomorrow was the deadline; she did not make any implication that she expected anything from me or anyone else, but she caught my attention. I felt an itchy sense of guilt. Much to my annoyance, I quickly found myself unable to concentrate on the deeply puzzling case that Horatio of CSI Miami was tackling on my television.

Undeterred in my pursuit of mindless distraction, I turned to Facebook. It was there that I found my friend had posted a photograph (Figure 1). It is an innocuous CCTV snapshot of what appears to be a man playing a violin at the entrance to a tube station. It was the comment that my friend had added that made me click. She simply said 'so interesting'.