How EA is opening up gaming to advertisers

Geoffrey Precourt

Peter Moore, Electronic Arts' chief operating officer, hasn't always worked in gaming. In fact, he moved to the US in 1992 with Reebok.

But the hard lessons he learned during a tough few years at the sportswear brand are very much informing his approach to EA's approach to advertisers.

Peter Moore"You can't let the future happen to you," Moore told the 2012 Interactive Advertising Bureau's (IAB) 2012 annual meeting in Miami's South Beach. "You have to stay ahead of the trends."

Moore's role at Reebok was to help bring "soccer" to America and, more specifically, to bring Reebok to soccer. It was part of a larger initiative to expand away from the sneaker marketer's female audience to a new group of male consumers. And, in hindsight, he told the IAB, "it was a mistake" – a lesson for all brand marketers never to forget their core expertise and their core audience.