Motorola: DEFY Launch

Principal author: Frank Durden, Ogilvy & Mather Advertising


This paper describes how the Motorola DEFY90™ became the most successful mobile phone launch for Motorola in Europe since the RAZR. It tells how a necessary but seemingly boring technological advance – the introduction of features built into a mobile phone to counteract increasing carrier pressure about device breakages – was communicated in a way that not only made this a desirable phone for consumers, but also persuaded the network carriers of its potential. It describes how a seemingly spurious piece of industry data showing the time of day at which smartphones are most likely to break down not only helped redefine the consumer target but created an entire new sector. And how Motorola reaped the rewards in terms of payback from its communications by selling over 1.2m DEFY90™ handsets in Europe, when their forecasts said they would sell just 320k1.