Driving Frequency with Mobile Social Networks (MSN) and the Mediating Effects of Price and Quota Promotions

William F. Humphrey, Jr. and Debra A. Laverie


Consumer adoption of both smartphone technology and social media provides new opportunities for marketers to observe and influence consumer behavior. Specifically, adoption of Mobile Social Networks (MSNs), social networks where location and status is broadcast to a participant's network, provides a unique opportunity to test shopping behavior and brand selection. By proposing a model of behaviors of consumers who receive an offer versus those who receive no offer, a pattern of frequency is expected to emerge for those receiving an offer targeted to MSN users. Furthermore, quota-based promotions are posited to have a stronger relationship with the increase in frequency than price-based promotions. Through the proposed theoretical model MSN application, these behaviors are explored conceptually for the benefit of mobile marketing researchers and mobile marketing practitioners.