Point of view: It's a great time to go it alone

John Woodward
Publicis Worldwide

There have been many interesting shifts prompted or accelerated by the great crisis of 2008 and counting. The shift from East to West; the shift from cold countries to hot countries. The revalorisation of production; the palpable rejection in many markets of high earning. But one of the most interesting from an advertising point of view is the shift from aspiring to be in big companies to aspiring to own your own.

It used to be that only a big company had the resources to be successful; that graduates found the most promising future and the highest status in joining big companies; that only older people, with an established network started their own companies or 'consulted'. And it used to be that small businesses found all their clients in the 30 miles that surrounded them. Starting your own business, straight out of college, except in IT, was a rather eccentric, even flaky career choice. But a variety of forces mean that it has never been easier or more desirable to be in business on your own.