Stop Not: How Stop Not enabled youth to wish non stop during Christmas/New Year

Aprajita Virmani

Campaign details

Brand owner: Perfetti Van Melle
Agency: Maxus Global
Brand: Stop Not
Country: India
Channels used: Direct marketing, Mobile and apps
Media budget: Up to 500k

Executive summary

Stop Not marked the entry of Perfetti Van Melle, a confectionery giant in the salty snacks category, into India. With this $1.5bn industry growing at a robust 28% year-on-year, the brand needed to make its mark amongst the audience comprising the 15-24 age group in India, which forms the largest consumer group in the extruded snacks category. To target this audience, we decided to use the mobile phone as a medium to build engagement. We managed to do this across 7.5 million consumers with a modest budget of US$36,000.

Market background and business objectives

Perfetti Van Melle is a confectionary giant who decided to make their first foray into the salty snacks category in India with their 'Stop Not' brand of snacks. This was a category that was US$1.5bn strong and growing at a very healthy 28% year-on-year.