Kofola Holding – Christmas Prophecy

Agency name: SYMBIO Digital, s.r.o.
Client name: Kofola Holding a.s.
Category: Digital Communication


Kofola is a traditional Czech brand which is the market leader in cola drinks. All previous campaigns have been successful and very popular. The launch of each new campaign is accompanied by high expectations.

Christmas period (as we know) is the major promotional period. The campaign aims to entertain consumer by showing the warmth of a traditional Czech Christmas but in a humorous way. The concept allows people to create personalised wishes for their friends, which will contain some personal information about recipient and therefore may surprise or startle them. 

The campaign was aimed at all Czech and Slovak internet users regardless of age, gender or education.

Kofola's Christmas campaigns tend to be the most successful campaigns in the long-term and that’s why other companies try to focus on creating strong Christmas campaigns.