Blowing the marketing trumpet

Winston Fletcher

Winston Fletcher believes that marketing is both misunderstood and undervalued. In this article, he spells out the benefits that marketing provides as the major player at the pivotal interface between supply and demand. Thus it is of critical importance to the efficient and cost-effective provision of goods and services, benefiting organisations, customers, the economy and society.

To those who work in marketing, its benefits – both for customers and for businesses and other organisations – seem blindingly obvious. Yet those who work in marketing also know how few outsiders have any idea of what marketing truly does, how it functions, and what it achieves.

This is partly because marketing is a complex and diverse process, and is still developing. Its scope varies from company to company, from industry to industry. It tends to be far more advanced in product manufacturing organisations than in either service organisations or business-to-business organisations. As with many other complex processes, definitions vary and are notoriously imprecise.