P&G Luvs: Second time moms and the truth about parenting

Saatchi & Saatchi


Why does our case deserve an award? In the US, and globally, every diaper brand obsesses about the emotion and joy experienced by new parents. Luvs took the brave decision to focus exclusively on an audience that nobody was talking to: second time moms. Planning made Luvs the official diaper brand of experienced moms.

The depth of insights Planning uncovered about this target led to creative work that did a very rare thing for the diaper category: it was funny, entertaining and sparked a record amount of debate. For the first time these moms felt that someone was finally standing up for them and Luvs was applauded for not being afraid to show motherhood in a more realistic way.

And in doing so, we achieved the highest volume and value sales in the brand's history.

Luvs: A challenger facing a challenge