Baring it all: An exploration of the public vs. private face of modern women in Asia Pacific

Chris Casanare, Christina Inocentes
Ipsos, Singapore
Bing Natividad
Unilever, Singapore

Introduction: How women's roles have dramatically evolved in Asia Pacific from more than just a homemaker impacting brand marketing

Asia's position as the new growth engine of the world economy

The recent decade revealed a dramatic acceleration in the shift of the global economy eastwards with Asia growing at an unprecedented pace. The last 10 years have shown that the average growth in the emerging markets is three times higher than in developed economies. In fact, the growth has largely been driven by Asia Pacific. According to IMF estimates, developed countries will see their share of global GDP decline by 17% between 1992 and 2015, an unprecedented decline. On the opposite spectrum, Asia's share of global output is expected to increase by 18%, and increases in incomes will no doubt change patterns of consumption.