Who wants to make a millionaire?

Alan Garth

UK regional newspapers: the failure of Paul Cunningham's high flying MSB group may have had complex causes, but invites important questions about the future representation of regional newspaper space to national advertisers. One dimension must be the new balance of control between the paids and frees; another, the problem of relationships between local proprietors and their national representation - together with dog-in-the-manger attitudes to the reward of high achieving national sales people.

The placing of the MSB Group into the hands of the receiver marks the end of a major success story. It also raises a whole set of hypotheses about the future of all those companies devoted to the selling of regional newspaper space to national advertisers.

Why did the empire collapse? As with all failures, no single reason is ever likely to emerge. The factors which caused its loss of clients are as diversified as are those clients themselves. But the fall from its towering lead to total oblivion was swift and remorseless.