Felix Pascoa Special Easter Edition 2012

Casa Rex

Client: Brigaderia
Category: Packaging (Branded - food)

Executive summary

Brigaderia's Special Easter Edition 2012 moves away from clichéd design, by re-creating advertising prints from the 1950s and the 1960's, using 'brigadeiro' sweets as the focal point.

At such commemorative times of the year when brands tend to use similar visual codes, there is nothing better than moving away from clichés. So, CasaRex have taken Brigaderia — a Brazilian confectionery store that sells "brigadeiro" sweets — back to more nostalgic times, by adapting vintage advertisements that had previously promoted popular products (such as margarine, soap and even television sets -all of which, have nothing to do with brigadeiros); and replacing them with images of the sweets.

"By combining the brand's vibrant visual universe and positioning the brigadeiros into the vintage ads, the visual identity becomes a pictorial representation of old advertising set within a new context. Fun and certainly unique."
comments Gustavo Piqueira, head of Casa Rex, who was the creative director of the project together with Samia Jacintho.