The Feldwick Factor: Qualitative research and 'listening'

Paul Feldwick

Q Everywhere I turn, people seem to be getting very excited about 'listening'. How does this differ from the listening inherent within qualitative research? And why do people think it is enough, when we need to be aware of the biases we bring, and that listening is just one element in any conversation

Dr Sheila Keegan, Campbell Keegan Research

Sheila, as a respected author on qualitative research, your own answers to these questions would be better informed than mine. But as you've asked my opinion, here's a brief response to these emerging issues.

I believe there are some huge questions here about the nature of market research, triggered by – but not limited to – the impact of new communications technology. However, I worry that the terms being adopted are confusing and risk constructing some simplistic answers, which avoid the real opportunities.