The Big Picture for Large-Screen Television Viewing: For Both Programming and Advertising, Audiences Are More Attentive, More Absorbed, and Less Critical

Michael D. McNiven

Cumberland Advisors

Dean Krugman and Spencer F. Tinkham

University of Georgia

Management slant

  • Large-screen televisions dramatically enhance the delivery of advertising messages.
  • Large-screen television viewers are less skeptical of advertising than their small-screen counterparts—an attitude that contributes to a more favorable environment for commercial messages.
  • Large-screen television viewers pay more attention to both broadcast commercials and television fare.
  • Large-screen television viewers have a more positive attitude toward advertising.
  • Large-screen viewers indicate they are absorbed in television programming at higher levels.
  • Large-screen viewers are more television-centric. Because they have both the means and predisposition to buy the best available technology/services, they self-select and gain greater satisfaction from more enhanced television products.
  • Large-screen viewers are an enduring part of the television viewing population, as evidenced by earlier studies.