HEMA: Mega Push Up Bra

Client Company Name: HEMA
Brand Name: HEMA
Agency: Doom&Dickson
Category: Product Launch/Relaunch/Trial campaigns; Retail or Trade Marketing; Innovative idea or Concept
Total Commercial Communications Expenditure: Under €25,000
Country: Netherlands


In 2011 Dutch retail company HEMA introduced a new product: the Mega Push-Up Bra. Compared to brands such as Hunkemöller (Dutch) and Victoria's Secret, HEMA is a relatively small player in the lingerie market. That's why we had to come up with a clever campaign that could compete with these brands and their much larger advertising budgets. Our goal was to create something that would soon become 'the talk of the town'. Something that would get enough press coverage to help us match up to the big players.


To generate awareness, traffic as well as sales for HEMA's new mega push-up bra and to create something that would become 'the talk of the town'.