How to make good dough

Revitalizing your product portfolio by understanding consumer needs

Pia de Wit
Unilever Research & Development, Netherlands

Sinéad Twomey
SKIM Analytical FMCG, Netherlands


The ability to sow and reap cereals may well have been one of the chief causes that led man to dwell in communities rather than living a nomadic life hunting and herding cattle. About 10,000 B.C. man first started eating a crude form of flat bread – a baked combination of flour and water. Ever since, bread has remained one of the principal forms of food for man. The trade of the baker is therefore also one of the oldest crafts in the world and it would be easy to think that by now all possible forms of bread would have been thought of, tried and tested. According to UBF this is certainly not the case! (See Figure 1)