Go Deeper. Get Closer. Be Braver: Ideas For Helping Research Thrive In The Era of Engagement Marketing

Richard Owen


The world is brand new and we are experiencing extraordinary change. We live in a constant flow of new technology, new thinking and new ideas which have changed the world of brands and communications, rapidly and dramatically.

We researchers recognise these rapid changes, yet we have not really embraced them; we’ve shown our more defensive side and retreated into our shells. Whilst it’s undeniable that we have built a strong and successful industry, we are conservative creatures by habit, over protective of our legacy models and research practices, and are embracing the changes described above less rapidly or enthusiastically than we might. The over reliance on linear funnels as a way to describe a consumer journey is a typical example (we know the world is much messier, but we seem reluctant to find a new "shape").